A modern SEO is nothing in comparison to how it was earlier. It is rare to find a company that offers everything one would require under one roof. In this article, we cover the main components involved in an effective SEO team. It is however important to note that this doesn’t necessarily have to be the ideal structure, as one person can cover different areas. This is in fact beneficial when hiring an SEO Dubai agency to understand the various specialists involved in this type of work.

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SEO Manager

As the SEO manager, he is responsible of managing everyone working under him. They are usually more concerned with the bigger picture as opposed to being worried about the strategies each team player uses in order to do their work. Typically, their role includes them pitching ideas and working directly with clients. From keeping clients satisfied to updating them and creating proposals, they do all this and more.

Content Writers

When it comes to growing traffic organically, content plays a very important role. Sure, a few technical works can be conducted on the website, but traffic will eventually fall, unless of course, you are producing stellar content. That’s why it’s important to have at least one content writer in the team. They obviously work on every content that is found on the website and have the ability to ensure these lead to conversions.


While content writers are important, designers are equally important, as various media is needed in order to support the content provided. It’s unlikely of finding one person who can handle both, which is why you’ll find two different people for this role. An SEO manager will ensure that both the content writer and designer are on the same page while working. Or the images may be ready before the content is prepared and vice-versa.

Components That Make an Effective SEO Team

Link Builders

In order to stay in the competition, websites need to partner up with websites to have them linked on it. With the help of link builders, you can advertise your site’s content and other relevant pages to another website. This is done in many ways including contacting directories for articles, reaching out to blogs, posting on forums, and more. The role of a link builder is to convince other websites of why they should link a website to them.


The technical team is the base of SEO, and without this support, other teams may struggle to produce the results required. This is why every organization must have a technical SEO expert, who understand the architecture of the site and can quickly analyze and find any gaps on the website.

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