Contributing to its astounding location, Cyprus indeed offers a plethora of benefits to citizen Cyprus. As an island country in the East Mediterranean and extending to parts of the Middle East, Europe, and Africa, there are many reasons that contribute to making it an investor-friendly destination. Its robust and competitive rules, the lowered prices, and foreign currency used by investors to invest in the EU, in addition to the high number of investment funds, all contribute to making this destination popular amongst investors. Let's continue reading to understand other factors.


Invest Locally

With a physical presence in the country, you are able to contribute to the local economy by buying or renting an office as well as paying the state fees. Investments can be easily carried out, especially in real estate sectors. Several companies have also stated about the number of inquiries received regarding Cyprus citizenship through investment. These come in from different countries including India, the Middle East, China, several parts of Europe. Certain funds managers have also shown interest in wanting to have Cyprus as a base to store funds.

Cyprus – An Investor Friendly Destination

Robust and Competitive Regulations

As per a statement released by the CIFA board member and secretary, the country is in process of bringing new amendments that are said to be more attractive to investors and fund managers alike. Such reforms include regulations that entitles investors to be aware of the tax applied on varied funds, the fast-track process to launch alternative funds that have been registered, as well as introducing a new category for mini-managers. They will be licensed to operate under the current investment managers. While the process of establishing funds in Europe is considered to be the most appealing factor, it is also well protected. They cannot stress enough on the fact that the Cyprus price tag is the lowest in the EU, which is an important factor those seeking to open a small or medium-sized business.


It is advisable to source a government-approved agency such as PassPro Immigration Services to obtain second citizenship through investment in Cyprus. The process is simple and hassle-free.