For your ae domain registration, choosing the right name is key to success. If you happen to choose the wrong name, switching at a later stage may seem impossible and also affect your rankings. This is one of the main reasons why it’s important to select the right name from the beginning. Initially it may be tough to come up with an eye-catching name, and we understand this situation as it is very common amongst business website owners. Continue reading as we disclose some tips and tools that will help you source a good name.

Ae Domain Registration

Consider Opting for A .com Extension

While there are plenty of extensions available from the original to the niche, we recommend sticking to the .com. Sure, it can be tempting to come up with catchy extension names, the credibility and reliability offered by a .com is incomparable. Newer ones aren’t as trustworthy, and many people would find it difficult in remembering them. A .com on the other hand is easy and the least complicated of the lot.

Make Use of Keywords

In this situation keywords certainly play a vital role. If you make use of them, you represent what your company does to search engines. If you put together good quality content, keywords, and enhanced user experience, you are sure of achieving rankings online. We understand that sometimes it may be difficult to find one that is not already taken and not difficult either, which is why you have to turn on your creativity when thinking about it.

It Should Be Precise

While keywords may be important, it is vital to not go overboard with the length of your domain name. It’s wise to keep one that is memorable and short. Longer ones are not only hard to remember but are more prone to typos while entering them on the search bar. This is an issue most companies face, and end up changing their domain name, which again is another task.

Follow This Guide to Pick the Right Domain Name

It Should Be Distinguishable

Its important to keep a unique domain name, so that your brand stands out among the crowd. You could also do a small research on your competitors and understand the names and purpose behind it. You don’t want to accidentally use the same name and being sued for copyrights issues.

Avoid Special Characters

This is a complete faux pas in this domain. Hyphens tend to be considered as a spam, and that’s not something a reputable brand would want to be associated with. If you think adding a hyphen may make you stand out from a brand with a similar name, then let us inform you that there may be chance of a typo. This way your customers are more likely to end up on your competitor’s website instead of your own.

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