Dubai is undoubtedly an opulent city filled with juxtapositions and marvelous architecture that will leave you awe-struck. It’s deeply rooted in a traditional culture that has welcomed not only modernity and creativity but also integrated them. From the traditional dhow vessels to the glamorous boulevards and the sparkling Burj Khalifa, the emirate is a candy pearl that offers a range of activities and attractions to draw visitors of all ages.

Drive further down and you'll come across the booming Dubai Marina, which is amongst the greatest district in the Emirate. From dining to leisure and entertainment, you can discover all this and more during your fun holiday. That being said, the trip would be incomplete without a car rental Dubai Marina. With your car rental, you can then drive through the picturesque neighborhood, filled with glistening sky-high buildings, dining, and leisure activities. Let’s dive in to understand the importance of a rental car in Dubai Marina.

Car Rental Dubai Marina

Drive Down to Dubai Marina Mall

The Marina Mall is a favorite amongst the residents of the vicinity, as it includes everything one would need, from groceries to clothing, makeup, and toys for kids. From high-end brands to high street chains, they have it all! They also have a cinema hall; in case you plan on watching a movie with your family or friends. Restaurant wise – there’s plenty of options made available to suit varied palates. If you’re looking towards a fine dining experience, the mall is directly connected to Pier 7, which is a seven-story building of restaurants, that offer excellent views.

Zero Gravity Beach

A trip to Dubai Marina with your car rental would be incomplete without making a stop at the Zero Gravity Beach Club. A massive area combined with complete entertainment, this by far is one of the buzzing attractions in the district. During the day, it’s a place to relax and lounge under a beach umbrella, or take a dip into the infinity pool and sip on your drink. The on-site restaurants and bars ensure you are constantly fueled. As the day turns to night, the beach converts to a club and plays some of the best live music in the city.

Zero Gravity Beach

Drive Down the Neighborhood

Make the most of your rental car and vacation by driving through the area, as it offers several eye-soothing sights like the Dubai Marina waterfront. You could opt to rent a sporty or luxurious SUV, which is much more affordable when compared to buying. Cruise down the streets and impress the passerby and cars around. After all, the act of renting a high-end car in a place like Dubai completes the trip.