When you look inside your car’s hood and look at its components. You must wonder how an engine works or what does the red wire attached to the battery do? But is always better to have knowledge about their working as no one likes to get delayed for an important event just because their car refused to start. Most batteries last about three years, which depends on the weather conditions where you reside and your driving habits that may affect the battery’s performance. One should get their car battery checked by professionals at least once a year. A battery change Abu Dhabi company can help you with it. These tests can reveal issues with the mechanics and gives you an idea about the battery life.

What You Should Know About Car Batteries


Your car is slow to start. At the beginning of the day, when you try to turn on the automobile, it is taking longer than usual to start. This happens because your car has been dominant the entire night and a fall in the temperature and cooled the battery, way down for it start at once in the morning.

Engine Light Indicators

Nowadays, every car has a inspect engine or low coolant indicators. These lights indicate that there is an issue with the car battery. If your car does not have such indicators, make sure you keep tabs on small things like dashboard lights are dimming, car’s horn stops abruptly, among others that can be a sign of faulty battery.

Battery Fluids

Most batteries come in an opaque casing that allows you to examine the fluid level. If the fluid levels below the marking it put an unwanted strain on the engine causing it to overheat that could affect the battery and reduce its life. Some car batteries are not sealed and may require a top-up of coolant and distilled water.

Battery Fluids

Bloated Battery

If you notice that your battery is looking weird even when it's inside its casing, that means your battery is going bad. Though, over time the shape of the battery may get distorted. But if the car engine is overheating that it is causing your battery to swell, therefore, decreasing its life.

Foul Smell

In case you notice a foul smell coming from your vehicle’s hood that may similar to sulfur or rotten egg smell, this means that your car’s battery is going back and you may need to replace it sooner rather than later. Always remember that most battery starts to deteriorate over time, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore these signs.

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