A good tyre goes a long way in ensuring a smooth ride, even though those speed breakers and potholes on the road. When you use a tyre that is not sturdy, friction will most likely cause your tyre to wear out easily, and even get punctured. Goodyear tires UAE, which are high on the reliability and durability quotient, are the perfect solution to this.  Goodyear tyres are extremely sturdy and provide good protection against any kind of damage that might occur due to friction. If you don’t want to experience those random and annoying jerks during your road trip in some hilly terrain, Goodyear tyres are the answer. 

Goodyear tyres

Quality Rubber

Its good quality rubber ensures that there is no friction and no squeaky noises from the tyre rubbing against the road. Silica is the magic compound here that reduces friction. Quality rubber also means that you will not have to change the tyres as frequently as you would have to change a regular one. It is the best choice for your adventure road trips, as it provides maximum comfort and sturdiness, even during long-distance journeys. 

Safe During Rains

The reason why a car skids on the road when it’s raining, is that the tyre is not able to maintain the required amount of friction, which is why it just glides. With Goodyear tyres, you will no longer have to worry about driving in the rain. Be it rain or hailstorm, Goodyear tyres ensure complete protection and safety, even in the harshest of weather conditions. Increased Grip The adhesive resin in these tyres increases grip strength in dry, wet or icy conditions. It gives adhesion between the rubber and the tyre cord, increasing durability. This increased grip also comes into play during extreme weather conditions. There has to be a balance between the friction and the grip of the tyre, so as to not cause damage. This is exactly what Goodyear does. 

Why Goodyear Tyres Are Your Vehicle's Best Companion

Reinforced Construction Technology

Goodyear tyres are designed for improving cornering stiffness, with their ultra-high tensile cords. It also ensures improved fuel economy. The tread design is asymmetric, which means there is more rubber on the outside shoulder for increased grip during cornering. It offers a good braking system and meets the performance and quality standards put in place by leading car manufacturers.  

A smooth and jerk-free ride is what it promises. Buy now to give your vehicle the best it deserves.